Are you a sophisticated little worm with a love for literature? Nice - these candles were made for you πŸ“–

Hi candle lovers, it's Janzy! Let's take a moment of silence for 2015 me β€” a n00b experimenting with candles in the kitchen, trying to make gifts for my family. They were like wtf is this? I was like um idk?! But I kept going and got real dweeby about it, reading candle forums late into the night and testing until I found my perfect recipe.

That's when I thought, wait. I don't want to make any old candles. I want to make really SPECIFIC candles! 😎 Combining my two obsessions β€” candles and books β€” was the obvious next step. And Janzy Wax Co was founded. It remains a solo operation, so lots of love goes into each and every candle.Β 

I'm stoked for you to smell my book themed creations, so check out theΒ year round collectionΒ if you want a little sniff of what I do around here~


Psst... follow along on ig and tiktok @janzywaxco for news, discounts, book recs, and more!Β